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For your consideration this is a fully rebuilt 2007 Silverado/Sierra/Tahoe/Suburban instrument cluster shipped ready to plug-n-play. This is a re-manufactured cluster so it will NOT be in perfect condition. There might be minor scratches on the lens, fading color on the pointers or other small imperfections. It will be in good working order otherwise. PROGRAMMING – For VIN & mileage programming please message us your current original mileage & VIN. If we do not receive any programming information within 1 day of purchase the cluster will ship with zero miles. We will include an odometer sticker you can attach to the driver door jamb so you can track your mileage. After installation of our cluster, operate the vehicle for 1 week to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase. CORE RETURN – When you return a reusable core we will upgrade your warranty on the purchased cluster from 90 days to 5 years. There will be a warranty upgrade form in the box with the purchased item, you will need to fill it out completely and return in back in the box with your core. The same box and packing materials can be used to send back the core and we will include a pre-paid return label in the box as well. This label is only to be used for the return of a core, NOT a warranty return or return for a refund. USDASHWORKS guarantees the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period advertised from the date of receipt with unlimited mileage. In the unlikely event of product failure you are covered with this guarantee. This guarantee covers naturally occurring failures only. USDASHWORKS recommends the customer first utilize support with the product, product diagnostics, information contained via email or telephone support. If unsuccessful, to obtain service under this guarantee the customer must return the product for testing to determine the defect before the expiration of the guarantee period. Customers will provide appropriate assistance to telephone support personnel or via email to resolve issues. Under no circumstances will USDASHWORKS replace the product until these terms have been met. Returns for a refund are subject to a 20% restocking fee for programming & shipping. This cluster will come with a 90 day sellers’ guarantee. Please be advised: If the product proves defective during the guarantee period, the customer shall be responsible for all expenses incurred for diagnosis, removal, packaging and return shipping. The guarantee is effective from the day upon receipt of the product till the ending term of the guarantee period. USDASHWORKS will not refund any incurred installation charges under any circumstances. This return policy is solely based on the company being a mail order internet business. Any questions please ask before purchasing. READ BELOW… It is not a criminal offense to adjust a vehicle odometer reading; however selling a vehicle with the intention to defraud the odometer reading is a criminal offense. The service described on this page is intended for the lawful service of digital odometers in accordance with local, and federal laws. It is unlawful to reset odometers to read less than the true mileage of the motor vehicle. I offer these services for lawful use only. It is the client’s responsibility to seek legal advice regarding compliance within their local laws. USDASHWORKS HAS ADVISED ME OF MY LEGAL OBLIGATION TO NOTIFY PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS THAT THIS VEHICLE’S MILEAGE HAS BEEN ALTERED. I HAVE ALSO BEEN ADVISED THAT CHANGING MILEAGE FOR PERSONAL GAIN IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE FOR WHICH I MAY BE PROSECUTED. USDASHWORKS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY WORK AND WITHOUT EXPLANATION, INCLUDING TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR’S. I/WE ACCEPT THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I/WE ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE LEGAL IMPLICATIONS IMPOSED. I FULLY AGREE THAT USDASHWORKS AND ITS EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES SHALL BE HELD HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, ACTIONS, CAUSE OF ACTIONS, DEMANDS, RIGHTS, DAMAGES, AND ATTORNEY FEES RELATING TO OR ARISING OUT OF USDASHWORKS WORK ON THE ODOMETER. TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED BY LOCAL LAW, EXCEPT FOR THE OBLIGATIONS SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN THIS GUARANTEE STATEMENT, IN NO EVENT SHALL USDASHWORKS AND ITS EMPLOYEES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY AND IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER USDASHWORKS OR THE EMPLOYEES HAVE ADVANCE NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

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